Waste Gas Fabricating Company is a precision metal fabricator that specializes in aluminum fabrications.



Waste Gas Fabricating Company Aluminum Fabrications

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is a precision metal fabricator that specializes in all types of fabrications including aluminum. We are able to meet any challenging aluminum processing requirement in our immaculate, ISO-certified facility located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. Our state-of-the-art equipment is operated by our highly trained staff to create complex components using high-quality materials. Aluminum is just one of the many materials WGF utilizes for custom metal fabricating Whatever type of metal fabricated products you may require, WGF can produce them to the highest standards and deliver on one of our trucks from our company fleet to ensure prompt delivery, even for rush orders.

Aluminum behaves differently than carbon steel during fabrication. Its nonferrous properties allow it to be manufactured for applications where its lightness, strength, and versatility can be used to full advantage. The corrosion resistance and non-magnetic qualities of aluminum allow more flexibility and fabricating options for designers, and it takes an intimate knowledge of the material and its behavior to produce the finest work. Whether it is a single but highly complex component, or an intricate assembly of aluminum parts, WGF has the advanced aluminum processing expertise to handle it.

WGF stocks all grades of aluminum used in high-end manufacturing, We can provide any type of aluminum specification. Waste Gas Fabricating Co. also has the capability to fabricate other metals to the highest standards. Our professional staff is ready to take any request and work with any type of material. In addition to our aluminum stock, WGF also maintains an impressive assortment of high grade carbon and stainless steel in our extensive, just-in-time inventory. Whether you need the finest aluminum fabricator, or you need to develop excellent components in some other high-grade material, WGF is ready to meet the challenge. Make WGF your choice for world-class aluminum processing and fabrication.

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