Waste Gas Fabricating Company offers services for your plasma plate and pipe beveling needs.



Waste Gas Fabricating Co. Plasma Steel Plate Beveling

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. in the Greater Philadelphia area offers services for your plate and pipe beveling needs. The production of beveled plate for heavy industry is a crucial part of our work here at Waste Gas Fabricating Co., and we are experienced with Pullmax bevellers for medium jobs, handheld pipe bevellers for pipe beveling, and plasma plate beveling for heavy plate. Plate beveling is just one of the many advanced machining services we provide, and here’s how it works.

Used primarily to prepare for welding operations, plate beveling prepares the work piece for fabrication. Advanced equipment allows for the utmost precision to bevel all types of metal.  Plasma plate beveling is used to handle large sheets of heavy plate and can cut plate thicknesses up to 50mm, or up to 100mm if the flame cutting process is used. Smaller beveling processes are handled by other equipment, and all can be performed with the desired angle, profile, finish, and precision.

Waste Gas Fabricating has been in business for over 35 years. Our ISO-certified facility, located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, is maintained to the highest standard.  Our extensive collection of machining equipment allows us to offer some of the most competitive and sophisticated precision steel processing on the market. We are proud to be a leader in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving clients in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Ohio.  We also serve international customers.

We maintain a just-in-time inventory of ASTM-certified stock, including aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel, titanium, and more.  Our expert, highly trained staff can take your sketches or detailed CAD drawings and develop them into fabricated steel products of the utmost quality. When you add our advanced packaging services and our dedicated fleet of delivery trucks, you have a professional precision machine shop that is ready to take on any challenge. Take a look at the wide range of services we provide and give us a call: 215-736-9240.

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