Waste Gas Fabricating Company, located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a leader in carbon steel plate fabrication.


Carbon Steel

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Carbon Steel Plate Fabrication

Waste Gas Fabricating Co., located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a leader in carbon steel plate fabrication. Our winning combination of a spotless, state-of-the-art facility, cutting-edge equipment, professional staff, and an impressive stock of just-in-time inventory allows us to provide the best carbon steel plate fabrication and processing available. A detailed knowledge of different grades of carbon steel makes us your first choice for certified custom metal fabricating and processing. Whether you need carbon steel A36, A572, A656, A588, A709, or any of the other grades of carbon steel, WGF can meet the demand.

One of the world’s most sophisticated materials, carbon steel performs many vital roles in heavy industry.  The various grades of carbon steel create different levels of hardness and ductility, and also determine its workability in manufacture. To do precision carbon steel fabrication right, it is essential for carbon steel fabricators to know what grades of carbon steel are most appropriate for a particular manufacturing process, and consequently what type of carbon steel is suitable for any particular industrial application. Some grades of carbon steel are needed for detailed workmanship; others emphasize hardness and structural strength.

High-carbon steel is stronger but less ductile, whereas low-carbon steel grades tend to be used in situations that require more welding and detailed work. Medium carbon steel grades are intended to balance these properties. Standard carbon steel A36 is widely used for many industrial applications, as well as the higher strength low alloy carbon steel A572. Carbon steel A588  and carbon steel A656 are both high-strength, low-alloy grades used in structural applications where lightweight performance, corrosion resistance and excellent workability are desired. Carbon steel A709 is also one of the high carbon steel grades that offers the structural strength required for bridge building and other demanding projects.

Our precision machine shop can use any grade of carbon steel to manufacture almost any type of custom steel fabrication, for any industrial or civil engineering project. In addition to our local area, WGF also serves the entire Mid-Atlantic region, including Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, and our own fleet of delivery vehicles is ready to deliver on time, every time. WGF can even serve customers outside of the United States. No matter how exacting the requirements, Waste Gas Fabricating Company is prepared to make it for you.

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