Waste Gas Fabricating Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offers advanced horizontal milling and sawing services.


Horizontal Machining and Milling

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Horizontal Sawing

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is a precision machine shop with a wide array of fabrication techniques. Our immaculate, ISO-certified facility has been in business since 1976. WGF is proud to offer high quality carbon, stainless and aluminum plate machining, cutting, forming, processing, and fabrication in the Mid-Atlantic region, including clients in Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.

Horizontal sawing and milling, also known as horizontal machining, is just one of the many complex fabrication techniques WGF can integrate into precision machining, forming, and other precision steel processing projects. Our advanced horizontal sawing equipment, the HE&M H105LA-4 Automatic Horizontal Sawing Center, has several important safety and control features, enabling our expert operators to have precise control over each and every cut. Adjustable blade speed is controlled with a turn of the knob. The power arm lift, blade feed rate, and cutting pressure can be controlled from the LED digital control console. Side and back guides are made of carbide steel, and a shaft driven blade chip brush cleans out any scrap material, keeping the work space safe and clean, all while maintaining accuracy. A protractor scale can be easily adjusted and locked, and all sawing operations can be programmed and automated for repetitive cutting processes.

Waste Gas upholds the highest standards for our sawing equipment and other advanced machinery. Our expert machinists can take any request and work with any grade of material. We carry a wide selection of high grade carbon steel and stainless steel in our expansive inventory, with thicknesses ranging from 22 gauge to 6". We also have special grades of high-performance metal. A wide variety of carbon steel angles, wide flange beam, channels, and other types of pipe are also available. WGF owns and operates a company fleet of trucks to make sure delivery is on time, every time, even for rush orders. Whatever your industry, or application may be, Waste Gas Fabricating Co. offers you the best value for precision fabrication.