Located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, our current operations are housed in a 60,000 square foot warehouse.
Company Overview

Company Overview

Waste Gas Fabricating Company

An ISO-Certified Stainless and Carbon Steel Fabricator

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is an ISO- and ASTM-certified stainless and carbon steel fabricator located in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. We take quality control seriously. As the established, internationally recognized regulator for products and standards, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) quality control is an important feature of our manufacturing process. The ISO 9001 and 14001 quality management systems guide us with optimum standards for our management and manufacturing standards, and we perform regularly scheduled internal audits to check our performance.

We keep our steel fabrication facility clean, organized, and above all safe, and WGF is proud to maintain one of the most impressive suites of equipment in the industry. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff is ready to take any challenge and make sure it will meet all standards of ISO quality control at every step in the steel fabrication process.

High-quality, ISO-certified steel fabrication requires attention to detail, and Waste Gas Fabricating Co. knows exactly what it is looking for, having been in business since 1976. We have maintained an ongoing program of regulatory compliance with our ISO-certified steel processing from the start, and our familiarity with these standards allows us to be one of the most accomplished and dependable full-service ISO-certified steel fabrication companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

WGF's dedicated fleet of company trucks ensures that our fabricated steel products can arrive at any location in the contiguous United States, and our packaging ensures that all components and products arrive on site undamaged. WGF also provides steel processing services to clients in the international market. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, Waste Gas Fabricating Co. can create it at some of the most competitive rates around. If you need help for your next project, don’t hesitate to contact us at 215-736-9240.