Waste Gas Fabricating Company has some of the best metal machining systems for all precision machining needs.


Machining Department

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Metal Machining Systems

Waste Gas Fabricating Co., located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers a variety of metal machining services. Few precision machine shops maintain the variety and sophistication of our equipment inventory. Modern metal machining has the highest standards for precision, control, safety, and performance. CNC precision machining gives exact control over the production of components, and the workspace requires less operators and creates a safer environment. Coordinating fabrication with CAD documents removes the guesswork and ensures greater quality control.

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. has an ever-growing list of machining equipment that is maintained and used on a daily basis. Today’s components often require a complex set of machining operations done in a fixed sequence. Our highly-trained CNC machinists can take stock material and perform vertical machining, horizontal machining, and turret lathe machining with live tooling. Modern methods like EDM electrical discharge machining can also be incorporated into the sequence. We have experience with various projects using all types of machinery to offer a wide range of services.

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. Metal Machining Equipment List

1. Makino SP43 Wire EDM / Travel 12" x 18"

2. Mazak QTN250-IIMY Lathe with LNS Bar Feed and Live Tooling

3. HAAS TL-3 CNC Tool-Room Lathe

4. Kitamura MyCenter 4XiF Vertical Machining Center with 4th Axis and (40) Tool Changer

5. Kitamura MyCenter 5X Vertical Machining Center with (40) Tool Changer

6. Sharnoa HPM-85 Vertical Machining Center with (30) Tool Changer

7. Johnford DMC-3100SH Vertical Bridge Mill with (40) Tool Changer

8. Mazak HCN-6800 II Horizontal Machining Center with (2) Pallet and (40) Tool Changer

9. Mazak VCN-700D II Vertical Machining Center with (40) Tool Changer

10. Mazak VCN-510C / 50 Vertical Machining Center with (24) Tool Changer

11. Mazak VCN-510C Vertical Machining Center with (30) Tool Changer

12. Mazak HCN-5000 II Horizontal Machining Center with (80) Tool Changer

13. Union BFT 90/3 Horizontal Boring Mill

14. Clausing Kondia Knee Mill FV-1

15. Clausing Kondia Knee Mill FV-1

16. Tarnow Engine Lathe

17. Kalamazoo Band Saw

18. Eltee Pulsitron TRM 35L / EP30 sinker EDM

19. Sunnen Horizontal Hone

20. IPT Kikinda Surface Grinder

21. Okamoto Linear 618 Surface Grinder

22. Harig Super 612 Surface Grinder

23. Darex XT-3000 Auto Drill Sharpener


Waste Gas Fabricating is proud of its equipment, but it’s our highly-skilled machinists and staff that make the business the success it is today. If you are looking for the finest certified custom metal fabricating and fabrication in the Mid-Atlantic region, or if you are an international client looking for the most competitive price, Waste Gas Fabricating Co. has been providing the industry with fabricated steel products since 1976. We are ready to take on any project, large or small, and we have the equipment, the personnel, and the just-in-time inventory to make it happen. Give us a call to learn more about our services and equipment: 215-736-9420.

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