Waste Gas Fabricating Co. offers plasma and flame cutting solutions to meet your metal fabrication needs.


Precision Metal Cutting
Plasma Cutting (Flame—Oxy-Fuel—Thermal)

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Plasma and Flame Cutting Services

High-quality precision plasma cutting services are among the many carbon, alloy, and stainless steel fabrication services offered by Waste Gas Fabricating Co. Our highly experienced staff uses advanced plasma and flame cutting systems such as Whitney and Messer plasma cutters and oxy-fuel torches for all flame and plasma cutting needs, including: plasma plate beveling, precision flame cutting, hi-definition plasma cutting, and oxy-fuel cutting. These advanced tools allow complex precision flame and plasma cut projects performed to the highest industry tolerances, made with any grade of steel or other metal that you may require, and delivered promptly and on budget.

The Waste Gas Fabricating Company’s line of flame and plasma cutting systems includes these state-of-the-art machines:

  • Whitney 3400-XP / 60" x 120" with HP2000 Plasma and GE-Fanuc Control
    1. Equipped with: Hypertherm Truecut HT-2000 precision plasma torch (combined with a 40-ton punch with a 9-station rail tool changer)
    2. A Part handler II load/unload system, combined with a complete scrap removal and handling system
  • Messer TMC-4518 with (1) Hypertherm HPR400 Plasma Torcheswith beveling technology and (8) Alfa Oxy-fuel cutting torches
  • Messser MPC2018 with (2) Hypertherm HPR260 Plasma Torches and (2) Alfa Oxy-fuel cutting torches

These advanced systems are maintained and operated to the highest industry standards for superior plasma and flame cutting and punching, as well as automated plate beveling.

WGF’s ISO-certified manufacturing process and immaculate state-of-the-art facility provides the best plasma and flame cutting services for many applications. The range of industries we serve is diverse, including: blast equipment manufacturing, heavy construction equipment, fluid handling systems, and marine fabrication of all types. A just-in-time inventory ensures a highly proficient performance for all fabricated components. Deadlines are always a priority for WGF, and our company’s fleet of delivery trucks ensures timely delivery, so WGF is ready to handle your rush jobs as well.

When you demand the best high-quality precision heavy stainless and structural steel and metal plate machining, cutting, forming, processing and fabrication in the Mid-Atlantic region, look no further than Waste Gas Fabricating Co.

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