Waste Gas Fabricating Company is a steel fabricator with advanced metal forming, bending, and rolling capabilities.


Metal Forming

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Sheet Metal Forming

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. provides the finest sheet metal fabrication in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our ISO-certified facility is maintained at the highest standards, and our dedicated fleet of company trucks ensures timely delivery, even for rush orders. A complete collection of fabrication equipment allows us to perform almost any advanced fabrication technique imaginable, and rolling and forming steel is just one of the many typical services our precision fabrication shop supplies every day.

Rolling and forming steel transforms a precut or standard shape of metal and takes it through a rolling or forming operation designed to create a final component. The heavy equipment industry, among others, commonly relies on this fabrication technique in its manufacturing processes. The ductility, minimum bending radius and material springback are determined prior to setting up the process, and material is formed into the desired result. Our advanced equipment can be programmed to perform a number of different rolling and forming operations in one pass, allowing high volume production of precise, automated, and identical components at a lower cost. Known as profile bending, this technique is widely used for steel plate forming and stainless steel forming and fabrication. Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is proud to offer value-added forming services, and can establish custom metal fabricating services optimized to deliver the highest quality.

WGF maintains a fine selection of diverse, high grade metals, including carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel, and specialty metals like abrasion-resistant plate and all grades of aluminum, in a wide range of thicknesses. Due to a complete line of industry-leading fabrication equipment, our facilities are capable of producing fabrications from all types of materials at any grade, ensuring that we can fulfill your order. Our highly trained staff makes WGF the leading choice for full service steel fabrication. We have been in business since 1976, serving a wide range of industries including: fluid handling systems, cranes, bridges, marine fabrication of all types, and we are pleased to offer support for general fabrication shops as well. Whatever your industry or need, WGF has what it takes to support your vision.

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