Waste Gas Fabricating Company offers advanced carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminum fabrications.


Fabrication Materials/Metals

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Provides Premier Expertise with Fabrication Metals and Materials

Serving the heavy manufacturing community for over 40 years, Waste Gas Fabricating Co.'s wide ranging experience with fabrication metals and materials enables us to provide the best precision parts for almost any industrial application. From custom aluminum fabrications for the aerospace industry to structural carbon steel plate fabrication for bridges and ships, WGF has the capability to create detailed CAD documents for fabrication processes and provide some of the most sophisticated CNC alloy and stainless-steel fabrication services currently available. Our OSHA-certified facility is maintained to pristine standards and an extensive inventory is backed by years of detailed knowledge of fabrication materials and methods, from simple sawing to advanced CNC machining.

Whether you need alloy and stainless-steel fabrication services for the food service industry, or precision components with specific material properties for harsh chemical environments, WGF will take the spec and create precision components that meet or exceed the requirements. Few precision machine shops can match WGF’s aluminum fabrication capabilities, with an array of bending, rolling, turning, and other machining equipment. Waste Gas Fabrication Co. provides carbon steel plate fabrication with our wide selection of ASTM-certified carbon steel stock. By using the most durable and appropriate grade of carbon steel for heavy duty machinery, WGF ensures durability and long life for its custom fabrication projects. Waste Gas Fabrication Co. also combines advanced packing methods with a dedicated fleet of delivery trucks ready to deliver any order anywhere in the world on time, safely packed, and undamaged.

As one of the leading manufacturers serving clients worldwide, WGF’s knowledge of fabrication metals and materials, along with our state-of-the-art alloy and stainless-steel fabrication services, at some of the most competitive rates in the industry, makes us your best choice for your ongoing fabrication projects. Review our wide range of fabrication services and contact us today for more information.