Waste Gas Fabricating Company of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania offers a variety of structural steel fabrication solutions.


Steel Fabrication Services

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Full Service Steel Fabrication

Waste Gas Fabricating is a company dedicated to the most advanced precision metal cutting, metal forming, machining, welding, and metal finishing services available anywhere. Our ASTM-certified, 60,000 sq ft pristine facility just outside Philadelphia employs state-of-the-art technology to achieve the highest standards for any type of fabrication requirement. We maintain an extensive inventory of metal alloys, from standard types of carbon steel to specialized metals like abrasion resistant plate and aircraft grade aluminum. We provide professional steel fabrication services to many types of industries and manufacturers for a comprehensive range of applications, from bridge construction to heavy duty equipment including industrial and military requirements. From the most precise and effective fabrication to the safe and secure packaging and delivery, Waste Gas Fabricating is your leading source for the best result, either locally or nationally.

WGF’s suite of CNC equipment is also extensive, and includes tools for precision metal cutting such as plasma cutting, laser cutting, as well as traditional sawing and shearing. A series of preprogrammed metal forming processes can be handled by CNC controlled equipment in one pass, and can take a precut or standard piece of raw stack and fashion it into a precision component. Most metal machining operations have been replaced by CNC controlled equipment, such as milling, lathing, turning, beveling, and more, including EDM cutting, tapping and sharpening.  Metal finishing, such as grinding, deburring, sand blasting, and more is carried out to precise specifications for a highly finished surface. Finally, automated packing machines and a fleet of dedicated truck ensure the finest packaging and delivery services available anywhere, and keeps safety at the forefront of the process both in the shop and out at the jobsite.

If you need the best steel fabrication services to complete your next project, discuss it with Waste Gas Fabricating and we’ll take on the challenge, no matter the scope or specialized requirements. We have specialized in providing some of the most demanding fabrication services in the industry since 1976, and we would be pleased to offer you precision metal cutting, metal forming, machining, welding, and metal finishing you can count on, as well as the efficient packaging and delivery necessary to achieve a professional result, each and every time.