Waste Gas Fabricating Company in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region offers steel shot blasting services for all steel fabrication needs.


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Waste Gas Fabricating Company Steel Shot Blasting

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers steel shot blasting services for all steel fabrication needs. As a precision fabricator and machine shop, Waste Gas Fabricating Company is also pleased to offer one of the market’s most advanced facilities for precision steel finishing techniques, including painting and shot blasting.

Steel shot blasting is used by many industries to clean, peen (strengthen), or polish metal. The aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, and rail industries all use shot blasting for their components to ensure greater durability and longer metal life.

WGF’s blast room and blast room cabinets are another feature of our spotless facilities. We use steel shot air blasting technologies, this is where blast media uses compressed air to clean components, WGF has the specialized knowledge required to apply the correct method to the components for optimum performance in the field. By taking the metal and your particular industrial needs into account, we have the expertise to apply the right technique and make the best finish for the job.

WGF is a full service steel fabrication shop. Steel shot blasting is one part of what we do. Located in Fairless Hills, Waste Gas Fabricating Co. supplies high-quality precision carbon, stainless, and structural steel and metal plate machining, cutting, forming, processing, and fabrication in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, region. In addition to the local area, WGF also serves the Mid-Atlantic region, including customers in Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, as well as clients throughout the world. If you need industrial steel finishing services, including painting or steel shot blasting, Waste Gas Fabricating Co. can create a perfect finish.

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