Waste Gas Fabricating Company is a steel fabricator that offers advanced steel tapping and sharpening services.


Tapping and Sharpening

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Tapping Steel

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is a steel fabricator that offers advanced steel tapping and sharpening services.  Precision steel tapping was transformed with the advent of CNC (computer numerical control) technology. Because tapping steel and threading steel requires utmost accuracy, digital control allows for precise movements and exactness with rapid prototyping and automated production capabilities.

Traditional tool and die techniques have been replaced with digital equipment capable of producing identical parts in large production runs with less waste and greater speed. Waste Gas Fabricating Co. has kept up with the latest technology and has the ability to provide all types of standard or custom fittings. Matching the right fittings with the right metal fabricated products is crucial for maintaining the life of the equipment. The food service industry is one example among many where a detailed knowledge of the correct types of stainless steel are necessary for a given project, and, consequently, what types of associated hardware will provide the best match. This will minimize corrosion and electrolysis, as well as maintain strict OSHA and ISO health standards.

Large or small production runs using our extensive just-in-time inventory allows WGF to tailor our work precisely to your needs. We can archive your part information data, and readily produce new or replacement parts on demand. Our professional packaging and company-owned fleet of trucks allows us to be the leading choice for steel fabrication companies in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. We are proud to serve satisfied customers in the Mid-Atlantic region, including New York, New Jersey and Ohio. We also offer some of the most competitive prices for steel threading to the international market.

WGF has earned its reputation for high quality metal fabricated steel products since 1976. We have developed our expertise from heavy plate steel fabrication to the most advanced certified custom metal fabricating and fabrication available. Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is a precision fabrication and machine shop with steel tapping and sharpening services as advanced as the other tools in our skill set. Take a look at our range of services and give us a call at 215-726-9420.

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